We like to think that we are here to save the world from bad design, like superheroes of some sort! We believe that bad design should not be the norm. Period. So we aim to make quality design accessible, while spreading the important message that good design is more than just the face value, its also about understanding viewer psychology and how it affects a business.

If we deconstruct the physical world as we know it, we find that creation is driven by a sacred geometry, a combination of squares and circles. From an atom to the biggest galaxies known to mankind, none are exempt of this rule. Our brand name reflects and honours this scared rule of nature as if the squares and circles are the building blocks of creation.

Our Services


Professional quality Logo design and Branding packages for fresh Start-ups, Corporates and everyone in between.

Graphic Design

State of the art visual communication materials tailor-made for your brand, product or services.

Social Media

Take your online presence to the next level with smart and relevant content on your social media channels.

Web & App

In the rapidly expanding digital world, your Website and/or App represents your brand. Make a good first impression.

On-Demand Graphics

Cover art, Digital illustration, Master templates, Infographics, Flyers, Invites and more.

Reliable Results

We break down our process into simplest terms to ensure effortless communication. Quality and good relationship is always our top priority.

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